Sham’s Special

Sham’s Special

It has always been a pleasure of mine to create different kinds of ‘special dishes’ which always enhances the image of Newick Tandoori. Whether it is lamb, chicken, fish or vegetable, it’s something that can be created and put onto a menu. I always like to base the Specials according to the season as it gives a bit of an edge, also the Specials may either be a starter or a main dish  – you can have the final say. The Specials are created only by me, which makes it even truly unique and a certified speciality! Keep an eye out, because the Specials will change each season.  We hope to see you soon and hope you can try out my popular Specials.


Sag Bora

A very popular street food of Bangladesh. Lively spiced shallow friend spinach. Sweet potato balls. Served with Tamarind Chutney.

Crab Patties 

A South Indian delicacy. Wide range of spices, crab meat and is served with coriander mayo.

Jungli Murghi

Locally sourced pheasant breast marinated in a secret array of spices. Seared in the Tandoori. The result of succulent meat with a spicy finish that will leave your taste buds tingling.


Shatkora Manghsu 

A realspeciality of the Sylhet region of Bangladesh; Very slowly cooked beef in hot exotic spices and citrus fruits, a wonderfully spicy dish flavoured with Bengal fruits. It is served with Basmati rice.

Sagwala Jungli Murghi

Pheasant breast and spinach, pan-fried in aromatic spices and sweet red chilli, creating a full-flavoured sauce and served with pilau rice.


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