It’s not all about coming in for a full meal  and enjoying our special homemade cuisine, however i cannot reiterate the idea  our tapas like service for drinking and having small snacks is right up there with the highest quality. It’s really up to you to devour this new logic and experience. I can assure that the peaceful atmosphere and the relaxation will certify that you will want to make this your second home, and of course you will be  seeing my ecstatic and bubbly face here and there but i promise not interfere too much if you wish.

In addition to this,  a friend can be like a brother, sister, father, mother, or even grandparents, this is why a family run restaurant can make you perceive at home so that you make the most of drinking alcohol, cafetiere, lassi, soft drink, wines and all the rest we can offer.

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    We’re not trying to be cool but we can cater for up to 120 people and banqueting for up to 22 people

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